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A fun, entertaining speaker
Beth Shapard, owner of Smooth Transitions of St. Louis, provides entertaining and very functional presentations on moving to smaller quarters.

Beth lets folks know it is never too early to start weeding things out. Even if a move isn't planned for several months or years, she stresses it is never too soon to begin sorting through life's accumulations. It's the little things that can add up to big things - starting is the hardest part.

Helping seniors keep a "can-do" attitude
From telling seniors how to find new homes for some of their special possessions to helping them decide if it is time to move and what to look for in a smaller place, Beth takes a refreshing look at making this life-changing decision. She has coordinated downsizing for her own mother-in-law, family friends and a list of clients.

Booking for your group

Speaking to groups of seniors, adult children, Realtors and people who work with seniors, Beth lets folks know they can make a move and the best time to move is while "you are in charge." Managing a lifetime of treasures is more than some people can think about, but Beth presents tips on how to do it the easy way.

If you would like Beth Shapard to speak to your group about downsizing or 'getting rid of stuff', please email beth@smoothtransitionsstl.com or call 314-705-2271.

The humorous presentation can put a positive focus on what can be an overwhelming task.


Beth Shapard (314) 705-2271
7340 La Veta Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63117